About Me (CV)

I (Naren Sarayu Manoj) am a PhD student at the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago, a philanthropically endowed CS research institution located on the University of Chicago campus with close ties to UChicago computer science. I am fortunate to be advised by Professors Avrim Blum and Yury Makarychev. As of Fall 2021, I am generously supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

During summer 2023, I was a visiting student at EPFL hosted by Professor Michael Kapralov.

I graduated with my BS from the UT Austin computer science department in 2018. I spent the following year interning at several companies in New York and the Bay Area.

Research Interests

I enjoy studying problems in the algorithmic aspects of optimization, machine learning, and data science. To this end, I have thought about adversarial robustness in machine learning, sketching algorithms, and problems in query models of computation.



Most of my publications have authors ordered alphabetically, as is customary in theoretical computer science.

For Fun

I play exceedingly amateurish chess.

I've been keeping track of every flight I've taken since starting college (Fall 2015 onwards).